Canine Arthritis: Relieving Joint Pain and Inflammation in Dogs

Numerous dogs experience arthritis as they advance in age. This medical condition is characterised by excruciating pain in the joints. Also, these areas are often inflamed, causing problems in canine mobility. If your animal has started showing signs of arthritis, you should think about providing nutritional supplements. These products have beneficial compounds such as omega-3 oils, antioxidants and glucosamine which lubricate the diseased joints. If the condition is severe, you must be more aggressive in your approach for easing the discomfort in your dog. Here are the best options for relieving the joint pain and inflammation in your canine companion.

Non-Steroidal Analgesics

You should think about obtaining and using non-steroidal painkillers for the treatment of your dog. These analgesics are similar to the products used in managing pain in human beings. They have noticeable, pain alleviation benefits when ingested by dogs with arthritis. Also, non-steroidal drugs have considerably low incidences of adverse effects because they are mild. However, some dogs might experience some gastrointestinal upset, so you should be aware of such unfavourable occurrences. You should remember that human NSAIDs are extremely dangerous for canines because of their composition. Therefore, you should not substitute under any circumstances. 


Corticosteroid painkillers are more potent than their non-steroidal counterparts. In simple terms, most of the NSAIDs in the market do not provide noticeable relief against inflammation in the joints. This aspect of the drugs makes them unsuitable for dealing with relatively advanced arthritic pain. Corticosteroids will penetrate the body and suppress inflammation with high efficiency. This action can also alleviate pain and increase the mobility of the affected canine. Unfortunately, these benefits come at a price. The potential for side effects is high, especially when used for long-term arthritis palliation. For instance, the joints might continue breaking down, and the dog's immunity might be compromised.

Stem Cell Treatment

The utilisation of stem cells in the treatment of arthritis in dogs through places like Greenside Regenerative Therapies has become more widespread. This regenerative therapy is designed to provide prolonged relief against pain and inflammation caused by conditions such as osteoarthritis. The treatment process involves the injection of stem cells, which are undifferentiated biological units, into the joints of the ailing canine. The objective of this action is to allow these undifferentiated cells to differentiate into functional joint tissue. The fresh tissues will restore the normal condition of the afflicted joint to some extent, promoting normal mobility and alleviating pain.

Choosing the best arthritis treatment for your dog can be challenging, so consult an experienced veterinarian for medical advice.